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While 2022 was a year full of growth for the Safari Kid franchise, we have even higher expectations for 2023. As our brand expands, opportunities to grow with our brand expand as well. 

Major Growth in the Childhood Early Education Industry

Safari Kid is primed to make waves this year, and if you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to invest, this is your chance. According to the Global Child Day Care Services Market report for 2023, the childcare industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.1% over the next five years. 

Part of this is attributed to the steadily increasing demand for childcare as communities around the country continue recovering from the effects of the pandemic. With in-office work resuming, parents are in dire need of childcare options, especially ones that take into consideration that children have a heightened need for early education to address social inadequacies since Covid.

For many prospective franchise owners, the question is whether to choose an emerging or established brand. An emerging brand such as Safari Kid not only withstands the competition but blows it out of the water—in all markets, including saturated markets. Because of our status as an emerging brand, we benefit massively from having many highly desirable prime territories available for development. 

However, while demand is increasing, there’s a deficit of quality, accessible childcare options. Safari Kid franchisees stand to capitalize on this space in the market as we head into 2023 and beyond. 

Invest in an Emerging Franchise to Beat the Competition

Over the next year, it’s been widely reported that childcare and early childhood education will continue to be viewed as more and more of a necessity than before the pandemic. The truth is that childcare generally serves as a public good, not just a luxury. Education and childcare are the building blocks to a healthy, stable economy, which has never been more relevant than now, nearly three years since the first Covid shutdown in the US. Safari Kid Franchises remedy the void in countless communities where a deeply nurturing early childhood learning center belongs.   

An image of the inside of a hallway at a Safari Kid franchise

Franchises in the quick service restaurant industry have to contend with an oversaturated market on top of many analysts’ projections that the coming year will be especially tough on food service brands of all kinds. This is partly because dining out is a luxury and one that many will choose to do without. Childcare, on the other hand, is a service that must be fulfilled as long as parents have to work. 

Safari Kid is a growing franchise that has various regions available for new franchisees to occupy. With the earliest franchise partners standing to benefit the most from the initial wave of growth, a new Safari Kid franchisee opening in one of these markets would reap the dividend. In fact, compared to other tutoring and preschool franchises in the market, we offer our franchisees a much greater ROI*, which grows exponentially for multi-unit franchisees.

Investors at All Levels are Seeking Opportunities with Childcare Franchises

It’s not just small business owners and independent investors who see the immense value of bringing more childcare and early childhood learning centers into the world. Goldman Sachs is one of many major investment firms that see a bright future in the industry. 

Our preschools exist to deeply nurture each child and give them the intellectual, social-emotional, and motor skills they need to be successful members of society, and it shows. Our programs are meticulously designed with educational and child development specialists. Parents and teachers alike have seen the success of our classes and childcare programs, leading many of them to the same conclusion as investors throughout the industry: 2023 is the perfect time for business owners to open a Safari Kid franchise. 

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