For many people, when they’re considering investing in a franchise brand, their first thought is to go with a recognizable, well-established brand. If you open a McDonald’s or Subway, customers immediately recognize your brand and understand your product, even without attempting to market your business. 

However, many entrepreneurs may not realize that owning a mature or saturated franchise brand comes with a slew of hidden challenges. Emerging brands like Safari Kid franchise, on the other hand, can bring franchise owners the success they’re looking for–both through financial and internal fulfillment. 

The Challenges of Investing in a Mature Franchise  

Established or mature franchise brands have several roadblocks to entry that entrepreneurs may not initially consider, starting with the fact that there won’t be many unclaimed territories. The cost to open is significantly higher as well, with generally lower profits for franchisees than with an emerging franchise, in addition to the fact that competition for a mature brand is often intense. Put simply: you’ll be fighting for every dollar you earn.  

Investing in an emerging brand means that many of these issues are nullified. With our emerging franchise, you can find many territories for new franchisees to claim. A new franchisee opening in one of these markets would reap the reward along with our whole team at Safari Kid, as it’s the earliest franchise partners who stand to gain the most from the initial wave of growth. 

We also earn our franchisees a significantly higher ROI* than the other tutoring and preschool franchises in the market, which increases exponentially with our multi-unit franchisees. If you want to open a business that brings you lasting success, Safari Kid easily blows the competition out of the water. 

Choose a Franchise Brand With a Purpose  

While it’s critical for every business owner that they find financial success, it’s equally important that these brands are founded on genuine enthusiasm for the brand’s service or product. Why should the product matter to customers if it isn’t meaningful to the founder? 

An emerging franchise brand destined to last has a real purpose in the world and isn’t designed to catch the coattails of a fleeting trend. Prospective franchise owners should take note of brands in which the founder is concerned with the quality of their business the way a successful founder should. 

A portrait of Shy Mudakavi, CEO and founder of Safari Kid franchise

Safari Kid founder and CEO, Shahdokth “Shy” Mudakavi

Our preschool franchise wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Shahdokth “Shy” Mudakavi’s (our founder and CEO) dedication to providing parents and their kids with high-quality early childhood education. Shy’s path was never paved due to financial ambitions. It was paved through passion–she was simply determined to make a positive impact on the lives of children. 

As a result, the brand she founded on her own has rapidly grown in size since she began. With more and more parents returning to the office for work, and an expanding population of children, the demand for Safari Kid franchises and our high standard of education is growing as well.  

At Safari Kid Franchise, Our Franchisees are Our Family

With established franchise brands such as Kentucky Fried Chicken or 7-11, franchisees typically will never have the opportunity to communicate directly with company leadership. This can make issues more challenging to resolve and the franchise support itself more tenuous. When you’re one of so many in a well-established brand, your status as an investor and business partner is reduced. 

Franchise owners at emerging brands, however, are in a unique position. We work closely with each new franchisee, so support is just a phone call or email away. Each new franchise partner makes an impact on our preschool franchise, which is in itself owned and operated by a tight-knit team. Our passionate, intelligent franchisees have helped us evolve into one of the fastest-growing emerging franchises today. We couldn’t be more proud.

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*Contact us for more information about our franchisees’ ROI.