Summer Camp

summer camp at safari Kid

Fun! Fun! Fun!
That is how our students in the past have described our summer programs.
At Safari Kid, we understand that summer is the best time in a child’s life. Our summer programs offer children a great balance of academics, sports, making friends and learning new skills in a fun and nurtured environment.
For summer 2018, our research team has worked with our teachers and curriculum developers to design the best of all activities for your child. Your child will learn how to design and print in 3D, build and program Lego robots, learn programming, create their own stop motion animation, compete in the summer Olympics, enroll in spy school, create their own movies, create business plans at our Carnival to raise money for charity and learn about the great Vikings!

Below you will find a brief description of activities offered for 3rd Grades and up.

But please call the location nearest you soon and register now as seats are filling up fast!!

summer camp 2017 3d-deigning

3-D Printing/Design

Students will:

  • learn about 3D design
  • use tinkerCad to create their own designs
  • have access to 3D printers and will learn about the different components
  • 3D print the designs they created in class

Using Tinkercad, students will learn how to create geometric shapes using tools such as group, resize, and reshape, and how to combine geometric shapes to create 3-D models. The students’ creations can then be 3-D printed or downloaded.



Students will:

  • learn about stop animation
  • form teams and create their own story line, settings and choose characters
  • choose music and sound effects for their animation
  • create their own stop animation movie

Students will create their own stop motion animation movie.  They build their own story line, create settings and choose characters.  They will also add music, sound effects, titles and credits to their creation.  At the end of the week they get to share and enjoy their movies with their peers.



Students will:

  • use the i-movie app
  • learn about editing videos, adding special effects and sound tracks
  • learn about photography and film making

Have your kids ever wanted to make a movie? For the first time, Safari Kid is introducing iMovies to the summer camp curriculum. Students will be creating their own trailers and movies with the iMovie app, complete with special effects and music soundtracks. They will also learn about photography and film making.   They will also learn about the history of movies.

summer camp 2017 python-design

Python Programming

Students will:

  • be introduced to programming concepts
  • learn about programming languages
  • code in Python and learn about syntax, variables and conditional loops
  • work on a final project and put in practice everything they have learnt in class

Python is a general-purpose, versatile and popular programming language. It’s great as a first language because it is concise and easy to read, and it is also a good language to have in any programmer’s stack as it can be used for everything from web development to software development and scientific applications.

This course is a great introduction to both fundamental programming concepts and the Python programming language. By the end, students will be familiar with Python syntax and be able to put into practice what they have learned in a final project.


Summer Olympics

Students will:

  • learn about history of Olympics
  • compete in activities like sprints, 3-legged races, hurdles and relays
  • participate in an award ceremony with their friends cheering them on!

In the Safari Kid Summer Olympics, kids will take part in races like sprints, 3-legged races, hurdles, and other individual and team relays. The top contenders move on, and will take part in the grande finale, where the winners will be presented with awards in a ceremony. Students will also learn the history of Olympics and watch clips from previous summer and winter Olympics, including the 2018 PyyeongChang Olympics.


Lego Robotics

Students will:

  • work with Lego EV3 robotic kits
  • learn how to engineer a sturdy and operable robot
  • learn programming logic to make the robot perform tasks
  • collaborate with each other in small teams

Students will use the Lego EV3 robotics kit to construct their own robots and attachments. They will learn how to engineer a sturdy and operable robot. Next, the students will learn how to program the robot to perform tasks and missions like traveling to destinations picking up and moving objects. Students will also use sensors to detect colors and distance from an object. In addition, the kids will learn Core Values like teamwork and collaboration.



Students will:

  • learn about history and about the era of the Vikings
  • perform a comprehensive study of the Viking culture, religion and their conquests
  • learn about Norse mythology and Scandinavia

Did you know that Vikings came to North America before Christopher Columbus? In this week’s summer camp, students will learn about the greatest explorers and conquerors of all time: Vikings. Through a comprehensive study of Viking culture, religion, and conquest, the kids will be exposed to Norse mythology and Scandinavia.


Spy School

Student will:

  • learn about the history of spies
  • learn about secret codes and ciphers
  • be given a creative writing project on this subject

Every kid dreams of being a secret agent. Well, they no longer have to play James Bond because the Safari Kid Spy school week is here. Along with learning the history of spies, students will learn concealment, or how to disguise themselves, and learn about secret codes and ciphers. In addition, they will do creative writing on this subject.

summer camp 2017 web-design

Web Designing

Students will:

  • learn HTML and CSS
  • choose a topic and form teams to create the framework for the website
  • create the website once the framework is complete and they have enough content
  • read, write and debug HTML code

Students will choose from a list of topics and create a website using HTML and CSS.  They will have to research the topic given to them and think about the framework of the website they want to build.  They will get familiar with reading, writing and debugging html code.

summer camp 2017 carnival


Students will:

  • create a business plan to raise money for charity
  • use arts and crafts to make goods for the Carnival
  • work in teams and assign specific roles to handle unit pricing, production, sales and marketing
  • invite family and friends to the carnival to help support them raise money for charity

Children will spend the entire week preparing for the carnival and making goods to sell such as jewelry, artwork, and tickets to play games. On Friday, the carnival will be open to parents and the students will sell the objects they made. Kids will learn skills including unit pricing, production process, handling money, marketing and working together. At the end of the carnival, all the earnings will be donated to a charity.

Theme Activities (once-a-week):

Current Affairs

Safari Kid Summer Camp

Once a week, children will learn the latest news items about the week’s activity such as new inventions, trends, or researches.

Group Discussion and Debate

Safari Kid Summer Camp

In the group discussion, children will be divided into teams and will debate about a topic connected or related to the weekly activity. Students will learn how to present a strong argument, and how to evaluate whether an argument is strong or weak.

Other Activities

Safari Kid Summer Camp

Young Chef, Theater, Science, Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Math, English, Yoga, Aerobics, Journalism, Food and nutrition, Origami, Cartoon Drawing, Arts & Craft, Science, Bollywood Dance, Board Games, and Talent Show.

Field Trips

Safari Kid Summer Camp

On each Friday, children will go on a field trip that will be matched to that week’s theme.

Fun Facts

Safari Kid Summer Camp

The fun facts activity is an interactive activity for kids where they will be exposed to lots of fun facts about the week’s theme. Students will also get a chance to share facts they know and to expand their knowledge about the weekly subject.

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