One of the many reasons our franchisees choose Safari Kid is our eclectic curriculum. We pull the most important ideas from well-established educational approaches while also reflecting the most current child development and research updates, and the results show in the quality of our educational programs  It’s the reason we are parents’ first choice for preparing their kids for elementary school and beyond. In fact, many of our franchisees began simply as parents or teachers who saw how singular our approach to education is among any other childcare franchise.

Due to our comprehensive training and limitless support, our franchisees feel confident to own and operate a Safari Kid franchise even when they aren’t educators themselves. We also ensure that our franchisees understand the research that backs up our curriculum so they fully grasp what parents are looking for when they walk in the doors. After all, our teaching methods are part of what makes our franchisees such strong leaders in their communities.

Research-Rich Early Childhood Education

It’s important to us that our teaching methods and lesson plans are guided by research. This is also our attitude toward even the most conventional schooling techniques; we will only consider making an addition to our programs if it has been thoroughly proven to help a child grow and improve.

For this reason, we prefer a personalized approach to lesson planning. We know kids don’t always develop at the same rate within the same subjects, so a generalized lesson plan simply isn’t effective. Instead, we tailor lesson plans to each child’s unique needs. Our franchisees find that parents are drawn to this unique approach to early childhood education, often telling friends and neighbors about their exceptional experiences. While many childhood enrichment franchises are preoccupied with keeping kids busy, our franchisees play a crucial role in helping to properly develop each young student who passes through their classrooms so that they will thrive.

We Prepare Children to Excel

Our approach to education is to gradually prepare toddlers and children until they’re ready to go on to kindergarten. Our teachers focus on nurturing each stage of development. The activities for babies and toddlers are designed to help them improve balance, coordination, and other motor skills, as well as learning language as a means of communication through song and stories, all the while providing a healthy dose of socialization and positive reinforcement.

As they graduate into subsequent stages and Safari Kid preschool programs, many more skills and goals are added depending on when each individual child is ready for them. All throughout, the foundation of our teaching stays constant. We help kids gain a lifelong love of learning. This is invaluable to both the kids and the parents who pass through our classrooms and will benefit them as school inevitably becomes more and more challenging. The long-term effects of our rigorously tested and researched curriculum are one of the biggest reasons our franchisees always have the competitive advantage in the market.

Safari Kid Franchisees Create Opportunity for Academic Success

Our franchisees provide a resource sorely lacking in many communities throughout the United States: a thoroughly researched alternative to generalized early childhood education and daycare. Not all kids are the same, and the parents that come to a Safari Kid franchise are relieved to have found a learning center that caters to each unique child so that they continue to be curious and develop a love of learning more.


Are you ready to make a difference to the children and parents in your community? Contact us today to learn about opening a Safari Kid franchise!