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At Safari Kid, we believe childhood should be celebrated! Our proprietary preschool curriculum takes inspiration from a mix of both traditional methods (Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf) and reflects current brain research on early childhood development. This has resulted in a focus on the whole child, in which we offer the perfect balance of learning and play. Our daycare and preschool programs are carefully developed to ignite curiosity and encourage lifelong learning, but it doesn’t end there! We also offer a well-rounded after-school program for children in kindergarten through 8th grade, which provides a combination of valuable academic support and engaging extra-curricular enrichment.

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Programs Offered

Toddler– from 18 months


Pre K

Private Kindergarten

After School – TK to 6th grade

Summer Camp – TK to 6th grade

Our Programs

At Safari Kid, we focus on whole-child development through a combination of programs that develop and enhance social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. We welcome our toddlers, our “Safari Cubs,” with a range of engaging activities, developmentally appropriate educational materials and books, and toddler-sized furniture and toys made of natural materials. Research shows toddlers need to feel safe and comfortable but also engaged and challenged. Our Cubs enjoy activities such as yoga and mindfulness, parachute story time, STREAM mini-exploration projects, art lab, music & movement, and so much more. Our modern and safe environment will feel as welcoming as our warm, nurturing staff. Your toddler will receive encouragement and positive reinforcement every step of the way.

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At Safari Kid, our proprietorial preschool curriculum and research-based teaching methods will help your child meet developmental milestones, prepare for kindergarten, and, most importantly, foster a love of learning. By harnessing the benefits of both play and hands-on learning, our preschool programs represent a balance of learning domains—including investigative STREAM explorations, yoga and mindfulness, music and movement, conversational foreign language acquisition, art, story explorations, and so much more. Our enriching and engaging curriculum allows children to learn through purposeful, planned learning, which feels like play and encourages healthy interaction with other children.

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At Safari Kid, our kindergarten students are encouraged to become partners in their own learning with our use of the Socratic Method of teaching. Meeting the Common Core standards is just a part of what our students will accomplish. Through a tailored method of careful questioning based on learning objectives to be met, a rich yet natural discussion that promotes critical thinking and problem-solving will ensue daily among the teacher and classmates.

A loving and nurturing environment in which all members of the team respect one another is created, so that trust is built, and students feel comfortable sharing freely. During these powerful discussions, engagement is high, and learning becomes an active sport, in which reasoning, and logic are continuously utilized and encouraged.

Through this Socratic process, the children begin to feel ownership of their learning. However, the real trophy in this sport of learning is their gains in confidence knowing their voice and their ideas are important. They are on their way to being leaders, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers of the future. Our students form a positive relationship with the idea of education. They realize the attainment of knowledge is a social sport that can be enjoyable when the right set of coaches are there to guide them through it and cheer them on!

After a tough day at work, Safari Kid parents feel comforted knowing their child has not only successfully completed their homework but also enjoyed learning something new! Safari Kid offers a comprehensive After School Program. We offer structured learning and tutoring coupled with a diverse choice of extracurricular activities. Our Safari Kid After School Program offers daily help with schoolwork but also provides supplemental mathematics and English Language Arts lessons that align directly with Common Core Standards. While academic learning is our primary goal, we also ignite interest beyond the core subjects through exciting enrichment activities that promote a love for new learning. Depending on demand, centers offer such enrichment classes as creative writing, public speaking, chess, robotics, visual arts, and performing arts. Students participating in Safari Kid’s After School Program consistently test above grade level, and many earn awards for academic achievement. We’re so proud of our Safari Kids and excited to be a part of their amazing growth!

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Safari Kid Summer Camp offers the perfect blend of fun and learning. Whether through group collaboration projects, challenging games and activities, sports, dance, drama, or technology, our campers will surely enjoy this exciting time making new memories! Our research team works with teachers and curriculum developers to design engaging themes and activities! Your child will love playing with friends during summer, and you will love they are spending quality time learning!

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Safari Kid is a Global Chain of Preschools and After School Programs, founded by Ms. Shy Mudakavi in the heart of Silicon Valley in Newark, California. Over fifteen years, 35,000 children going through the program have shown consistent excellence in elementary and middle schools.

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