Franchising is a dynamic industry shaped by evolving trends, growth areas, and economic changes. To gain a deeper understanding of the current landscape, we reached out to industry experts Lane Fisher, Franchise Lawyer at FisherZucker LLC, and Michelle Rowan, President and COO of Franchise Business Review. Let’s explore their insights and how they relate to the Safari Kid Franchise. 

Emerging Trends in the Franchising and Early Childhood Industries

Lane identifies several emerging trends currently shaping franchising. He explains that franchisees are seeing increased access to capital, and an influx of qualified applicants that has created an opportunity for growth. 

“We’re also witnessing a growing number of employees turning to franchising to pursue the business ownership route, along with the growth of lower-cost, less labor-intensive operations,” Lane adds. 

Additionally, Lane is seeing many trends positively affecting the early childhood education industry because there is a larger demand for focused care.

“This includes incorporating early literacy, introducing children to science education, and giving kids an integrated curriculum,” Lane explains. “Parents want supervised opportunities for their children to socialize and make friends, enhance their self-reliance and self-esteem, and encourage their cognitive development.” 

At Safari Kid, we value early childhood education and consistently incorporate the latest research findings into our practices. We strive to remain at the forefront of educational advancements, driven by evidence-based research, which not only shapes emerging trends but also ensures that we are progressive and informed to meet the needs of our well-informed parents. Our research-rich curriculum caters to the holistic developmental needs of every child, giving parents what they want for their kids. We go beyond traditional methods to boost self-reliance, self-esteem, and social skills through our immersive learning experiences. We also prioritize the well-being of our franchisees by providing constant support throughout their journey. With comprehensive training programs, we equip them with the tools and knowledge for success. 

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Projected Growth Areas in the Franchise Industry

Our franchisees also benefit from an industry that consistently excels and continues to grow.  Michelle Rowan sheds light on projected growth areas within franchising, highlighting that it historically performs well during economic downturns.

“As people are let go from their jobs, we expect to see them exploring business ownership and franchising rather than seeking traditional employment,” Michelle said. 

While many industries can suffer from changes in economic conditions and deal with shifting trends, some franchises and sectors will always be needed. 

Michelle notes that “some areas projected to experience significant growth include early childhood education services, home services, wellness, and specific categories of restaurants.”

Michelle and Lane both highlight that franchises that provide early childhood education services are becoming increasingly popular due to the increasing demand for quality education for young children. In addition, the rise of two-income families further fuels the need for businesses like Safari Kid. 

Considerations for Investing in a Franchise

When considering franchise investment, Michelle Rowan offers valuable advice. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the leadership team of the brand and their relationship with franchisees. 

Michelle also cautions against red flags when selecting a franchise. “If the brand isn’t focused on unit profitability and franchisee satisfaction, it’s a red flag. I recommend talking to the leadership team and current franchisees and asking for third-party data to support the claims made by the brand.” Consequently, Safari Kid takes measures to ensure focus on franchisees. 

Franchisee Satisfaction with Safari Kid

In January 2023, Franchise Business Review conducted a 3rd party survey to understand Safari Kid’s relationship with franchisees. Michelle and Franchise Business Review noted that they saw some highlights from the survey, which garnered a remarkable 94% participation rate among franchisees. Let’s explore some of their findings about Safari Kid:

  • 100% of the franchisees would invest in the brand again, knowing what they know today
  • 100% of the franchisees would recommend the brand to others 
  • 100% of the franchisees strongly agree they trust the franchisor
  • 100% strongly agree that the franchisor acts with a high level of honesty & integrity
  • 100% strongly agree that the franchisor cares about their success
  • 93% rate the training & support as excellent

Franchise Business Review also has recognized Safari Kid as one of the top franchises for women, for the best culture, and for employee satisfaction!

These results demonstrate the positive experiences and satisfaction our partners get from franchising with us. Additionally, our franchisees benefit from our example in the industry. We take pride in being an essential business that provides an enhanced learning experience to help others. Many of our franchisees highlight the rewarding opportunity to make an impact in children’s lives as their favorite part of owning a Safari Kid.

If you’re seeking a franchise opportunity with exceptional growth potential, contact us today to learn more about opening a Safari Kid in your area.