We’ve earned the trust of parents and franchise partners as a notable early childhood learning center franchise through much more than business-savvy operations. What started as a vision and passion to change the lives of children and their futures to come quickly became a differentiator through our dedication to providing high-quality nurturing childcare in an environment that promotes well-rounded development. 

The preschool and early childhood development industry is growing in size, with a market value that Adroit Market Research has predicted will grow to well over $486 billion by 2029. Franchisees’ interest is piqued when they learn about the exciting industry growth, but they choose Safari Kid when they learn that the importance and relevance of our brand surpasses market trends. 

As Safari Kid founder and CEO, Shahdokth “Shy” Mudakavi has said, “It’s not just a job or business. It’s a responsibility, so we’re molding, building and developing every part of the child’s brain.”

We’ve created an approach to preschool and childcare that’s unique to our brand and has brought us the results that keep parents coming to Safari Kid centers. Our franchisees also stand apart with their commitment to our shared goals and belief that our preschool franchises play a much more significant role in their communities than any other business. 

A beam of sunlight shines into a Safari Kid franchise classroom

Safari Kid Franchise’s Three-Pronged Approach to Success

Vision: Help mold better human beings for a brighter tomorrow

We look toward the future and the bigger picture of how education can make an impact in the world. Safari Kid franchises provide a space for kids to grow, not just physically but emotionally, socially, and intellectually as well. We embody a holistic mindset toward early childhood development. Our vision is rooted in the ideology that success in learning and life is intertwined with overall wellness. Safari Kid franchisees ensure that every child who walks through their doors leaves with self-confidence, emotional awareness and a zeal for learning. 

At Safari Kid, our teachers are trained to focus on nurturing each stage of development and our curriculum & programs are all-encompassing. For example, a physical activity for a toddler might be designed to help them improve their balance and coordination while simultaneously learning language and communication through song, all the while providing a healthy dose of socialization and positive reinforcement. Through this natural integration of skills and gentle social-emotional encouragement, our little ones are gradually nurtured from one stage to the next, adding skills and goals when ready.

Values: Trustworthy, progressive, committed, research-rich deliverables, quality relationship development.

Our values are critical to how we formed as a brand and make up the backbone of the Safari Kid franchise. These values push us to continue forward, constantly evolving with new developments in early childhood education and have helped us to become a preschool franchise that stands apart from the rest. We are simply devoted to the proper care of children.

Safari Kid’s team of experts in childhood development diligently vet each component of our preschool programs so that elements come together in perfect synchronicity to achieve our goals. We take into account the various aspects t of learning and enrichment, from sensory play to language and literacy.  Each activity and lesson is designed to meet the developmental needs of our young students, which we modulate in collaboration with parents. In other words, our set of values has made our brand stand apart in the industry as a business to our franchisees and a learning center to parents. 

Kids play outside at a Safari Kid franchise

Mission: At Safari Kid, we aim to create carefully carved pathways to lifelong success for every child

We’ve designed our whole curriculum and business model around achieving our mission, and for us, this is the germinating reason for Safari Kid’s existence. Our founder, Shy, set out to create a brand that would first serve parents and children with a singularly nurturing educational environment that would prepare children for a healthy, successful and happy life. 

As Safari Kid has grown, many of our respected instructors and teachers have returned to us as franchisees. They’ve seen firsthand how our meticulously constructed curriculum and learning environments have fueled our rapid success as a learning center and franchise. 

A Bright Future for Our Students and Our Franchise

According to Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child, the earliest years of a child’s brain development are crucial to developing brain architecture. This helps determine everything from a person’s long-term economic stability to their level of self-confidence. That’s why, for the Safari Kid franchise, and our partners, our mission is upheld by our dedication to always provide quality education that takes into account the whole child. 


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