Introducing Safari Kid’s Virtual S.E.L.F. Programs

Safari Kid learning solutions for your child’s educational needs.

Support – Enrichment – Learning – Flexibility

Don’t let the thought of continued virtual learning at your child’s school stress you out! Safari Kid’s flexible learning options have you covered! We are ready to support your family by offering various learning options both on-site and on-line. No matter what, your child will enjoy small group sizes and a personalized learning plan. If time is limited, consider our do-it-yourself subscription program that your child will benefit from. Find a S.E.L.F. Program option that works best for your family.


On-Site Program

Our on-site program is our most comprehensive option for educational assistance throughout the day. Your child can come to us in the morning and we will assist them with logging into their meetings to complete their distance learning. Then we can assist them with their homework and provide them with enrichment activities as well. We will also include our Customized Safari Kid Packet System, so that your child gets extra practice and exposure to common core topics that will give them a competitive edge. Both full time and part time programs are available. Our centers are deep-cleaned on an ongoing basis and all safety measures are in place to ensure that your child is in a sterile and sanitary environment.

Virtual Homework Help

If your child only needs help with their homework, and you prefer that they remain at home, consider our Virtual Homework Help Program. We provide a live teacher who can virtually guide your child through all homework from Monday through Thursday. Your child will also have the benefit of the Customized Safari Kid Packet System, for an extra educational boost! Their teacher will be leading small group sizes to go over these packets on Fridays, along with some “Fun Friday” activities that are sure to be a treat!

Subscription to Our Customized Safari Kid Packets

If your child does not need extra guidance, but would like an educational boost, we have the solution. Sign up for Safari Kid’s Customized Packets and your child will benefit from the extra practice and exposure to lessons in Math and English Language Arts that are aligned with the Common Core.

Extra-Curricular Fun with Professionals

We have found ways to add cheer and playfulness to your child’s day and connect meaningfully with them through the digital platform. Let your child explore the world outside of the classroom with fun and engaging classes taught by professionals. Classes such as Bollywood Dance, Coding, and 3D Print & Design are just a few options that will be offered! *

*Classes are to be determined, based on enrollment.

Parent and Child


On-Site Program

Safari Kid knows that children learn best through engaging actively in stimulating experiences. We believe in providing a safe and loving learning environment in which your child will feel secure to explore our age-appropriate curriculum. Our caring teachers are trained to guide your child’s natural curiosity to make sense of the world around them. We provide a structured setting that is focused on building a strong foundation for learning, tending to the social, emotional, and academic needs of your child. Safari Kid also encourages a strong partnership with our parents through healthy communication. We put your family’s needs at the center of all our operations.

Virtual Program

Safari Kid online preschool program is unmatched with regards to quality and ease of use. If you choose to keep your child at home, let our online preschool classrooms help your child have a more continuous experience of educational benefits. Our program will help your child get a head start for Kindergarten Preparedness. The online classes are hands-on and interactive and will promote independent learning, just like the physical classrooms. These small group classes meet virtually at scheduled times, and all necessary learning materials are individually packaged and will be provided by Safari Kid Centers. A fun experience for children, including snack time playdates and even birthday parties!

Subjects Covered

The Online Preschool Program covers the following subjects and is aligned with the Kindergarten curriculum and Common-Core requirements, socialization procedures, and skill set developments.


Enables stronger reading comprehension


Develops writing skills & math skills


Develop Scientific Thinking


American Sign Language; Hindi; Spanish

TEMBO TALKS SOCIAL Emotional Curriculum

Develops Self-Regulation and Social Emotional Development


 Social Studies & Geography


Develops Communication Skills and Enhances Self-Esteem


Develops Motor Skills and Socio – Dramatic Play


Music and Movement


Promotes Language Skills and Creative Expressions

DOODLE CLUB Drawing and Playdough Modeling

Promotes Open-Ended Art and Fine Motor
Skill Development


Develops Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning

Highlights of Our Preschool Program

The advantages of our Online Preschool Class are great value for you as a parent and your child. Here are some highlights of our program.

Consistent Routines

Routines are important to lay the foundation for self -regulation & discipline among children.

Benefits of Creating Routines
  1. Influences a child’s emotional, cognitive, and social development
  2. Helps children feel secure
  3. Helps children understand expectations
  4. Helps reduce behavior problems
Children Reading

Curriculum for All-Round Development of the Child

  • Balance of Activities
  • Active Hands On Participation and Listening Skills
  • Small Group Peer Interactions
  • Indoor Physical Activities and Musical Activities
  • Child-Directed and Teacher-Directed Interactions
  • Quality Picture Books
  • Rich Language Development
  • Children share thoughts with the larger group. This results in higher rates of child engagement
  • Mastery of Kindergarten Skills
  • Aligned with Common Core Standards
  • Foundation for 21st Century Life Skills
Kids learning on floor

Personal & Interactive Sessions

  • Small Groups
  • Your Child Receives Personal Attention
  • Teachers Help Identify Child’s Strengths
  • Assessments Measure Progress
  • Parent Conferences
  • Learning at Own Pace, with Common-Core Aligned Math
  • English, Reading, Writing, Enrichment, Arts and Crafts, Homework Packets

Limited Spots Available.
First-Come, First-Serve Basis.

Contact us for additional details about the program and pricing.

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