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What Makes Us Different

1. Standardization

Goal: Ensure healthy brain architecture is achieved.

Actions & *Proprietary Curriculum:
  • Interactive Circle Time
  • Phonics Foundations
  • STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math
  • *SMR (Specialized Morning Routines)
  • *CHIRP (Language/Vocabulary Development)
2. Personalization

Goal: Ensure unique opportunities are created based on an understanding of the individual child.

Actions & *Proprietary Curriculum:
  • Observational Assessment of Temperament
  • Observational Assessment of Developmental Stage
  • *Magnificent Me (Social Emotional Development)
3. Promotion of Self (Self-Regulation & Self Expression)

Goal: Child can cope with big feelings; learn to release stress creatively and physically.

Actions & *Proprietary Curriculum:
  • Music and Movement
  • Dramatic Play
  • Block Play and Manipulatives
  • Arts & Crafts
  • *Tumbling Tots Physical Play (Gross Motor Development, Yoga, Breathing and Stretching Exercises)
  • *Busy Little Paws (Fine Motor Development and Sensory Play)
  • *Parachute Story Time (Promoting Listening Skills & Creative Expression)

Location Details

34899 Newark Blvd

Newark, CA 94560

Phone: 510-739-1511

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Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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November 2022

1. What is the educational philosophy of the Safari Kid Preschool Center?

Safari Kid Preschool goal is to serve and guide every individual child of our community by providing High Quality Personalized Care and Customized Curriculum in a safe and nurturing learning environment that celebrates the diversity of all of our families through strong teacher commitment. We follow an eclectic approach in our teaching methodology.

2. How large is your center?

Our center is big and spacious with several classrooms. It has a well-maintained outdoor play area.

3. What is the educational background of your teachers?

All our staff are state certified in early childhood credentials along with sufficient experience and professional training in CPR and first aid. They are fingerprinted and cleared by state and federal authorities. As a standard norm we try to handpick our teachers laying a lot of emphasis on their nurturing qualities and their professional qualifications.

4. Is it required for my child to be potty trained? Do you help with potty training?

Potty training is not a requirement. You may have a meeting with the teacher and discuss the potty-training process. You are however required to provide supplies and extra clothes on an ongoing basis. All our teachers support the potty-training process in school.

5. What if my child cannot speak English?

Young children are still acquiring language skills at this tender age. Teachers are well trained to handle children who do not have English speaking capacity. We highly encourage parents to guide the teachers with some pointers (language cues used at home) that will help to ease the child at school. We encourage parents to read English picture books at home during bedtime as that will help the child to enjoy the story time at school and enhance vocabulary.

6. What are your center’s operational hours?

We are open from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM 5 days a week, Monday through Friday.

7. Is Safari Kid open all year round?

Yes. Not only is our center open year-round, but we also accept registrations and enroll child throughout the year. Please contact us to learn more about our convenient hours, summer program, minimal closure dates, and other ways Safari Kid supports working families

8. Are you doing virtual classes?

No, we are not offering any virtual classes for now.

9. Are you giving onsite tours of the facility?

Yes, we are giving onsite tours of our facility.

10. Are you a full-time program?

Yes, we are a full-time program with flexible enrollment options (part time and part days).

11. Are there any age requirements for your programs?

Our program serves children ages 2 years to 5 years.

12. Do you offer summer camps?

Yes! Our center is open year-round, and we offer a fun and enriching summer camp experience which includes: • Action-packed program that’s both fun and educational Contact us to learn more. Space is limited and early registration is encouraged!

13. What are the center’s COVID Protocols?

Safari Kid is trusted by parents around the country to care for their children. We follow CDC and State Guidelines to implement enhanced safety protocols for all areas including daily health screening, distancing, cleaning, and disinfecting. Our goal is to ensure that all of our health and safety practices in every center are in line with recommendations provided by the CDC and requirements of state and local municipalities, and have the well-being of children, families, and staff at their core.

We clean, disinfect and sanitize our toys, materials, equipment and our classrooms, and bathrooms daily and ensure mouthing toys are removed and disinfected immediately. We do temperature checks for all attending students and staff members every day. All staff members are vaccinated. They wear masks and use gloves at appropriate times (food service, diapering, cleaning etc.). Children are also encouraged to wear masks when they are indoors (except while eating and napping.)


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Safari Kid is an International Chain of Preschools and After School Programs, founded by Ms. Shy Mudakavi in the heart of Silicon Valley in Newark, California. Over fifteen years, 35,000 children going through the program have shown consistent excellence in elementary and middle schools.

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