Preschool Level 3

A curriculum created to match the curiosity levels among preschoolers! A fun and semi-structured environment lay a foundation for life skills, leadership, and innovation.The curriculum is based on Safari Kid Monthly Thematic Approach and is an advanced class in Kindergarten Preparedness and beyond.

The children’s social-emotional development is fostered through self-regulation, modeling of positive discipline and as part of global awareness the curriculum focuses on studying social studies through books and hands-on projects.Academic skills are enhanced through advanced phonics, reading comprehension. Children develop a sound foundation in mathematical concepts, spatial knowledge, and temporal knowledge.

Communication skills and confidence are enhanced in our public speaking class. Scientific explorations and hands-on STEAM activities enhance children’s inquiry skills. Creative arts and literacy integrated explorations give your child an opportunity to enhance imagination and express their ideas freely.Free play, arts, and crafts, TEMBO semi-structured physical play, music and movement, block play, dramatic play and many more fun activities are all packed into a stimulating space your child can find comfortable in small and large group settings.

Highlights of our Level 3 Curriculum:

STEAM Classes

Music and Movement

TEMBO Talks:

Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum

Booklet System:

Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum

Public Speaking

Creative Arts

Story Explorers:

Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum

TEMBO Physical Play:

Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum

Dramatic Play

Free play


Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum

Creative Literacy:

Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum

A day at Safari Kid: