Preschool Level 4

A class where our students are almost ready to graduate and are super ready for kindergarten with a well-advanced level in academics, language skills, motor skills, social-emotional foundation and life skills.The highly engaging curriculum includes areas such as math, spatial knowledge, temporal knowledge, advanced reading, maps, world awareness through books and hands-on projects in social studies. Writing skills are improved upon.

At Level 4, students are reading the scholastic material at the kindergarten level.Specialized Morning Routines and booklet practice, foster critical thinking and thinking out of the box. Emphasis is laid on polishing self-regulation skills for lifelong success.

Hands-on scientific inquiry explorations are encouraged through the STEAM program. Language is polished and opportunities to enhance self-esteem and confidence are provided through our public speaking class.Creative explorations are encouraged through our creative arts and literacy integrated program.

Free play, TEMBO semi-structured physical play, music and movement, block play, dramatic play and a whole load of fun and frolic is part of daily explorations in small and large group settings.

Highlights of our Level 4 Curriculum:

Music and Movement

STEAM Classes

Booklet System:

Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum


Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum

Creative Arts

Public Speaking

TEMBO Physical Play:

Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum

Story Explorers:

Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum

Dramatic Play

Free play

TEMBO Talks:

Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum

Creative Literacy:

Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum

A day at Safari Kid: