Preschool Full Time

preschool curriculum

At the Safari Kid preschool, our balanced and well-researched preschool curriculum is an ideal combination of Social-emotional development, play, development of skills and structured academics for Kindergarten readiness and more.
We design the children’s learning experiences by the child’s individual learning capacity and not by age.

Our Preschool Curriculum at a glance:

Booklet System:

Safari Kid proprietary tool to enhance structured academics for kindergarten preparedness. Includes mathematics, pre-writing skills, and phonics.

STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

Hands-on constructed knowledge through explorations and scientific inquiry.

SEL: Social Emotional Learning

World awareness, social-emotional development, and self-help skills through our proprietary TEMBO TALKS curriculum.

Music and movement:

An increased awareness of movement and body positions is developed while having a good time. Listening skills are refined by noticing changes in tempo or pitch. Neural pathways associated with abstract thinking are stimulated, as well as empathy and mathematics.

TEMBO Physical Play:

Semi-structured, recreational physical activities.

Creative Thinking:

The Creative Arts and Literacy Program and Story Explorers are part of our proprietary curriculum which aim to enhance language skills and imagination.

SMR: Specialized Morning Routines

Our proprietary Specialized Morning Routines promote phonics, number sense, temporal knowledge, and listening skills while creating a secure environment in which children will learn how to appropriately participate in a group setting.

Creative Arts:

Unleashes creativity and imagination by exploring processed art and creating one-of-a-kind arts and crafts.

Young Scientists Enrichment Program

A unique curriculum combining play-based preschool exploration of natural products and nature. Children will learn about nature through direct experiences, observations, and an unearthing of the world around them. They will observe live fish, track the metamorphosis of butterflies, and explore many more such exciting wonders of nature!

Creativity Club Enrichment Program

Children learn there is no right or wrong way of creating art. In addition to our morning art session, this program will continue to make creating art a joyful experience. They will experience more paint, more colors, and more materials to make more varied and undoubtedly beautiful artwork.

Tembo Tinkle Toes Enrichment Program

In the early years, children are learning to move their bodies to help them navigate the world. The rhythm of music evokes movement of a different kind, allowing them to naturally discover new ways to move their bodies. This music and movement program will ignite a connection between the body and mind, as children experience a synergy between language and movement. It will also aide in their social growth as they move along with other children to the same beats. This experience helps expose children to the feeling of being part of a group.

Whiz Kid Enrichment Program

The Safari Whiz Kid Kindergarten Readiness Program will prepare your child for the various environments and settings that kindergarten can spring upon them. This program is specifically designed to ensure that children enter this important foundation-setting level of education with all the necessary skills required for success.

TEMBO Tumblers Enrichment Program

A physical program which focuses on collaborative play and stretching! Besides being a way to make friends and get the wiggles out, participation in this class helps kids build social and teamwork skills. Collaborative play will keep your child active and expose them to staying in-tune to their body. Stretching will also help to increase your child’s flexibility and range of motion.

Discovery World Enrichment Program

This program emphasizes multiculturalism. Students will get exposure to other cultures through enjoyable hands on activities and rich classroom discussions. Children will love exploring the world as the beauty of diversity is highlighted by allowing children to point to their place of heritage on the classroom globe. This program will help unearth the vastness of the world while fostering a sense of commonality between the students.

We are excited to introduce the Safari Kid Afternoon Enrichment Program to students who are enrolled in our Full Day Preschool Program.

What sets Safari Kid’s Enrichment Program apart?

At Safari Kid your child’s capabilities are never underestimated. We know that a curious child needs to be challenged. Our program promotes critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and reasoning skills through playful learning. Our safe, nurturing environment creates value for both children and their families. This is an ongoing, year-round program which takes the whole child approach to learning. We adapt to the various learning styles of our students as we complement the enriching curriculum taught during the preschool morning session.
“Explore, discover, create, and collaborate with a giggle, a shimmy, and a hop, skip, and jump! That’s what it’s all about!”

A day at Safari Kid Preschool: